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JAN-PRO is a commercial cleaning company that has been in Canada since 1995. JAN-PRO International was started in the U.S. and has markets across the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Australia and many more. Canada however, is the most successful international market for JAN-PRO International. This business model has been one that has been able to strive across Canada. Currently, JAN-PRO Canada covers most major cities coast to coast, and continues to grow.

The development of JAN-PRO in Canada is one that has grown steadily over the years. In 1995 the Quebec office was the first established in Canada, just 4 years after the company was created by Jacques L. Lapointe in the United States. The Quebec market continued to grow with the Montreal office in 2000.

JAN-PRO Canada moved into Ontario when the Toronto office opened in 2003, as well as the Ottawa location. After this time, the offices across the country grew steadily while the title of JAN-PRO Canada and the office in Montreal became known as JAN-PRO Quebec. In 2005, JAN-PRO Canada officially spread across the country when the Vancouver office opened its doors as well the second office in the Greater Toronto Area, in Scarborough covering the east side of the GTA. That same year marked the companies 10th anniversary. This was a great celebration and accomplishment for the JAN-PRO brand as a whole.

The next office was in Calgary in 2007, followed by Halifax in 2011. JAN-PRO Canada officially became a coast-to-coast franchise based commercial cleaning company. Although the growth was becoming widespread across Canada, the Quebec region continued to expand and opened a new office in Sherbrooke. Because of the regional growth in Quebec, the areas office changed its name to JAN-PRO Canada East in 2014.

That same year, 2014, marked the year that 3 different offices opened. This included the office of London Ontario, Gatineau and Edmonton. Then 2015 brought the 20 year anniversary! As the most successful international market for JAN-PRO, Canada is proud of its history, growth and accomplishments it’s acquired and will continue to expand. As of 2019, JAN-PRO Canada has over 25 locations coast-to-coast across the country and is the #1 commercial cleaning company. We are excited for what lies ahead!

Some of our most recent accolades:

  • #1 cleaning franchise, 13 years in a row*
  • #1 Franchise under $50,000*
  • #2 fastest growing franchise*
  • Ranked #27 on Top 500 Franchise*
  • #5 Largest Franchise in Canada**
  • #4 Largest Franchise Worldwide**

*from 2021 Entrepreneur Magazine rankings **Be The Boss.ca Canada’s Top 100 Franchises of 2020

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