10 Daily Cleaning Tips to Keep your Desk Tidy

Daily Desk Cleaning TipsAlthough it is not the largest space that you need to keep clean, the desk often becomes submerged underneath the daily grind of business. As you become focused and drawn into your duties, the physical space of your desk begins to get more cluttered and increasingly dirtier. However, you should know that there are many daily cleaning tips that can help you keep your desk clean without wasting a lot of your precious time. Just follow these simple tips every day to keep your desk a tidy and healthy space:

    1. Implement A Routine – The first step to a tidy desk is a cleaning routine, which you can achieve through reminders. Have your alarm go off at a certain time to remind you that you need to take the garbage out or organize your files.
    2. Daily Dusting – There is no other way you can get rid of dust unless you don’t allow it to build-up. So every day at the same hour, best when you arrive at the office or when you leave the office, run a paper towel or cloth across your desk, computer monitors and filing cabinets.
    3. Garbage – Many times people overlook emptying their garbage until it overflows, especially if their office doesn’t have a professional cleaning service to take care of it. So schedule one day per week or two times per week depending on your needs to empty your garbage.
    4. Food – Many people prefer eating at their desk, which allows sandwich crumbs to take over your desk and smelly rotting fruits to sit in your garbage can. One of the great cleaning tips to keep your desk tidy is to always clean up after yourself when you eat at your desk.
    5. Clutter Free – A cluttered desk can make you feel unorganized, which is why you need to make sure you tuck things away where they belong. Use folders to organize your work and avoid unnecessary items that can bring clutter to your desk.
    6. The Floor – Imagine a clean desk with bits and pieces of paper spread all over the floor. Technically, the floor is not your desk, but it still belongs to your working space and if you want to keep it clean you will need to make sure it is always clean. A clean floor a really effective way to improve the overall appearance of your workspace.
    7. File Papers – Stacks of papers and files on your desk certainly don’t give off a clean appearance. It is easier to keep your desk clean when you take care of all the papers and files at the right time and don’t allow them to clutter your desk. Put them away where they belong when you don’t need them.
    8. Bring Things Home – With people spending more and more time at the office, it is easy to get carried away and keep unneeded objects hanging on your desk. The office becomes a second home, which is not at all a good idea if you want to work in a clean place.
    9. Cleaning Products – It is easy to clean your desk regularly if you keep some cleaning products and wiping cloths at your desk. When you always have to go look for them you may be tempted to give up wiping down dirty and smudge-covered desks and tables.
    10. Be the Client – Put yourself in the client’s or visitor’s shoes and try viewing your desk from their perspective. What does your desk look like? You may be surprised at the impression your desk gives off.

Keeping your desk clean and tidy is essential to having an inviting workspace and a productive place for you to work. Along with your office cleaning services, it’s easy to keep your space clean!

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