3 Things You Can Do If Your Boss’s Office Isn’t Clean

3 Things You Can Do If Your Boss’s Office Isn’t Clean

The start of a new week feels like a fresh start. It’s a new week for you to prioritize your work and activities, get things done and feel accomplished. A big part to a new week is your work life. You spend approximately 8 hours a day in your office so it’s an important area for you. Don’t you think it should be clean?

The cleanliness of your office may not be something that you regularly think about. If you’re not the person involved in the hiring process of the cleaners, you come to work to do your work and go about your day.  But what about when you come to the office and it’s not clean? That’s when you’ll generally start to notice that somethings off and somethings wrong in the office.

If you’re the person responsible for hiring commercial cleaners for your office, those complaints from co-workers will come to you.  But what about when your boss’s office isn’t clean? That’s when the situation escalates quickly.  You do not want the low quality of work of others to affect your career and the work you’re supposed to do.

So here are 3 things you can do if your office, more specifically your boss’s office, isn’t clean:

#1 Contact you cleaners immediately:

Whenever you have an issue with your office cleaners, you should always contact them right away. The problem won’t be resolved unless you let someone know about it. Whatever form of communication is easiest use that to voice your concerns with the quality of work. Once your problem or issue has been voiced, steps should be taken to improve the work for you.

#2 Monitor your on-going cleaning service:

Once you notify your cleaners about the issues you have with the work that’s being done, continue to monitor the cleanliness of your office.  You should be able to see consistent improvement overall, but especially in the problems first mentioned. If there isn’t any improvement, you may have to take a bigger, more aggressive course of action.

#3 If all else fails, hire a new commercial cleaning company:

If problems persist and your colleagues and boss continue to voice their complaints to you, you may have to escalate the problem more quickly.  You don’t want a problem such as this to affect your work life, along with your relationship with your boss. You should now be taking the steps to research different office cleaners that you could hire.

There is enough stress out there to keep your place in the market that you can’t compromise it with poor cleaning services. Professional cleaning is not an option and will pay you dividends over time.

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