4 Key Elements of Any Cleaning Contract

cleaning-contractWhen you are trying to forge a professional relationship with your cleaning contractor, a written cleaning contract is the most effective way to start your partnership. A properly drafted cleaning contract leaves little to no room for a disagreement. More so, a properly written contract explains the exact responsibilities and obligations of every party. The following information highlights the key elements of any cleaning contract you might enter into:

1. Cleaning Contract Basics

First, the cleaning contract must be formed by parties capable of executing the services. Secondly, the contract must explain the exchange of something of value. The contract must also represent each party’s intentions and be established for legal purposes. Finally the contract must be accepted by each party involved.

It’s best that both parties first agree to the basics of the contract before anyone begins drafting it. As a rule of thumb, you should first meet with the cleaning company and have a discussion about your expectations and their processes. 

2. Standard Terms

When you first review the cleaning contract, it should have all of the names and addresses of the parties entering into the contract. In addition, the contract should clearly communicate when the agreement starts and when the services will expire. If you and the cleaning company agree the services will continue indefinitely, it should state the agreement will last for a certain period and then continue unless one party determines otherwise.

The person (or persons) at the cleaning company who will be responsible for the key to your business should also be listed. In addition, the cleaning contract should clearly specify when access to your building will be permitted. At the very bottom of the cleaning contract, it should have a space for the cleaning company and your business to sign and date the agreement for it to be executable.

3. Services Provided

As one of the most important parts of your cleaning contract, the agreement must clearly explain and list every service to be performed. In addition, the contract should explain the areas the service will be performed in. For example, your cleaning contract may state, “Twice a week, the cleaner must mop all area with laminate flooring, including the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, etc.”

Anytime you would like the cleaner to pay attention to a special consideration, such as deep cleaning a hardwood floor or carpeted area, you should also ensure the contract explains the type of cleaning expected to be performed. Another facet that should be covered in the contract is how frequently the cleaning company will conduct specialized tasks, such as baseboard cleaning, show scrubbing, window cleaning, and furniture polishing.

4. Payment and Special Provisions

While the cleaning company has several responsibilities, payment is expected from you. As a result, the contract must explain the amount the company will be paid on a per visit basis, hourly basis, or other type of payment structure. In addition, if the cleaner will be providing special services, the compensation structure for those services should be clearly explained in the cleaning contract. The contract should also explain the process for settling disputes and how cancelations will be appropriately handled.

In addition to the terms of payment, you should also ensure the contract effectively handles any special provisions. For example, you contract may explain, “The cleaning company will be allowed to cancel up to two times a year as long as a 24 hour notice is given before cancelation. Any dispute between the listed parties regarding stolen product or good or damages will be resolved by binding arbitration.”

These are just some of the basics your cleaning contract should cover when you decide to hire a commercial cleaning company. At JAN-PRO, we believe that a clear and honest cleaning contract is essential to establishing a great relationship with each and every one of our clients. We want to be The last cleaner you’ll ever hire!®

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