5 Cleaning Products You Should Have Handy at the Office

cleaning-productsFrom glass cleaner to disinfecting wipes, your office needs to have some pretty basic, but essential, cleaning products on hand for every day cleaning, as well as some of those not-so-every-day ‘Oops’ moments.

Here are the top five cleaning products every office should have at the ready.

  • Glass Cleaner:  It is not secret that every office needs to look presentable, whether or not you have clients coming through your doors.  However, if your customers do come into your offices regularly, having a presentable front door and windows is key to making a good impression. Alternately, even if your employees are the only ones who ever see your front doors and windows, having a clean working environment is important to productivity and happiness! Keep glass cleaner on hand for those times between professional cleanings when you want to clean up smudges.
  • Disinfecting Wipes: Disinfecting wipes are good for almost anything!  They are perfect for cleaning up spills in the break room, wiping down the table before and after lunch, cleaning up the bathroom and even for cleaning desk items, such as phones, computer keyboards and more. With disinfecting wipes, you can help keep germs at bay, and sick days at a minimum.
  • Spot Remover: Spot removers, like Shout, are great to have on hand.  Whether it is spilled coffee or a bite of lunch that fell in your lap, a stain removing towel or stick can really save the day.  Spot removers also work on some office furniture and carpets in a pinch.
  • White Vinegar: When all else fails, simple, cheap and effective white vinegar will clean that spot, shine those windows and even disinfect!  White vinegar is even great for cleaning the coffee machine; simply run it through one cycle and then rinse with water on the next cycle.  Keep a cost-friendly bottle of this cleaner under the sink in your break room.
  • Air Freshener: And finally, no matter what business you are in, you want your office environment to be inviting, and stinky smells are detrimental to that cause!  A bottle of air freshener can freshen up the office and it can help fight odors. Not a fan of ‘canned’ smells? No problem. There are plenty of unscented options on the market that will disinfect and get rid of odors all at once.

Whether your office has a regular professional cleaning staff or not, it is still important to have some cleaning essentials on hand for those little every day emergencies! Keep these five cleaning products in your cabinets and never be caught off guard again!

The best way to keep your office looking great at all times is to hire a professional commercial cleaning provider like JAN-PRO. For more information on how we can improve the cleanliness of your office space, contact your local JAN-PRO today!

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