EnviroShield: JAN-PRO’s Advanced Disinfectant Spray Process

As leaders in our field, we consistently seek new and innovative ways to improve our work and services and provide our clients with the best in cleaning solutions. We’ve always strived to be the first to bring the latest in technology to our industry and our EnviroShield system embodies this. It is an exclusive service that brings together a disinfectant in the safest category possible and a cutting-edge sprayer delivery system. The EnviroShield system represents the science of disinfecting.

EnviroShield is JAN-PRO’s advanced disinfectant spray process, a unique electrostatic spray disinfectant process different from anything else available in the commercial cleaning industry today. EnviroShield comes in different sprayer models for a variety of applications and areas, which allows greater flexibility and cover range. The principle behind each model is the same: an electrostatic negative charge is applied to the disinfecting solution, which results in the disinfectant spray surrounding and clinging to the surfaces it comes in contact with. The result? EnviroShield kills all harmful bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Legionella, Norovirus, Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Tuberculosis, Corona Viruses and many more.

The EnviroShield disinfectant spray process consists of a hospital-grade disinfectant that is sprayed throughout an entire facility, disinfecting all surfaces. The value of the EnviroShield process relies not only on the smart spraying system but also in the exceptional properties of our disinfectant solution. The disinfectant solution has no harmful dermal, inhalation, ocular, or ingestion effects for operators or the facility and its occupants.

The disinfectant solution is ready to use, non-corrosive, and does not stain any surfaces that it is used on. In addition, the EnviroShield spray disinfectant requires minimal personal protective equipment for the operator. We advise our operators to wear gloves and protective glasses, however, masks are optional.

EnviroShield is very effective due to the power of chlorine dioxide harnessed in a safe and stable formulation. The process is very simple: the system sends micro-bursts of chlorine dioxide to microbes, which results in the physical destruction of a range of dangerous organisms. The reactive process of the disinfecting agent ceases once the microbe is destroyed, which prevents any free chlorine dioxide from being released. No health risk or physical hazard is associated with the use of EnviroShield. As EnviroShield does not need any special usage, storage or biohazard disposal requirements, it is considered a green-friendly product that can be used safely in all indoor environments.

EnviroShield is a commercial disinfection service that ensures a cleaner, bacteria-free facility and healthier occupants. It is the perfect disinfecting combination with complete disinfecting coverage and the absence of any health risks. EnviroShield brings to you the science of disinfecting available exclusively with all local JAN-PRO locations.

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