Green Cleaning for Laminate Floors

Green Cleaning Laminate FloorsCommonly used cleaners are not only harmful to your health but also very dangerous to the planet. With more and more people becoming increasingly aware of their footprint on the environment, the cleaning industry has developed solutions that protect the environment and your health without sacrificing efficiency. There are alternatives to chemical-based cleaning agents that will help you clean your laminate flooring safely, eco-friendly, and easy. Here are a few tips to help you achieve green cleaning for laminate floors:

Warm Water

Cleaning laminate floors that are not excessively dirty is very simple. Laminate flooring requires minimum maintenance because of the thick, tough layer of melamine that protects it. Sweeping and washing with warm water should be enough to maintain the beautiful luster of your laminate floors. Be careful not to scratch your laminate flooring with the metal parts of your broom or mop.


Eco-friendly and cost effective, vinegar works miracles as green cleaning for laminate floors. Sometimes, you may just feel that you still need some kind of a cleaning agent. In such a case, don’t go with conventional cleaners but opt for vinegar. Mixed with warm water in equal parts, vinegar will clean your laminate flooring effectively and will not cost you a fortune or your health.


When you are faced with really dirty laminate flooring, you will probably need more powerful equipment and detergents. If you are committed to green cleaning for laminate floors, then you should look for professional companies that offer green cleaning solutions. Without any experience in the field, it will be difficult for you to achieve the same results as a professional cleaning service. Plus, working with professionals will protect your property and will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money.

No Cleaning Agents

Typically, you should not need any cleaning agents, waxes, or polishes to perform cleaning for laminate floors. Avoid soap-based agents as well since they can leave a streaky residue or film on your floors. The point is to avoid all types of conventional flooring agents and use just a soft cloth or a bristle broom when you are cleaning your laminate floor.

Green cleaning for laminate floors is not difficult, but it entails consistency and perseverance. Performing regular cleanings is more important than using powerful agents that may not even help you clean your floors but in fact destroy it. Laminate floors are made for easy maintenance and that is why they are easy to keep clean if you just keep it simple.

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