Keep Your Office Clean & Healthy During the Holiday Season

holiday season office cleaning

The holiday season is hectic. You may have family dinners to attend or prepare for, kids home from school excited for Santa Clause to arrive, gifts and a house to prepare. But that’s just in your personal life. Your work life can also get hectic during the holidays. There’s work to prepare for and finalize while managing workloads and coverage with a limited staff.

One thing that should also be managed in your office is your cleaning services. Not all offices run the same, so you need to be very open with your commercial cleaning company to make sure you’re on the same page. That way, this integral part of your office schedule will continue as normal. You’ll be able to make sure that the office remains in a clean and healthy state to keep you productive during the hectic season.

Talk to Your Office Cleaner or Cleaning Company Directly

Every office is different. Some are open 365 days a year no matter what while other offices are closed for two weeks during the holidays. There’s no way for your cleaner or the cleaning company to know that information if you don’t talk to them.

Your holiday schedule could affect the current schedule you have in place with your commercial cleaning company. This could not only affect the days that your cleaners are coming in, but also the tasks that they are doing. If you work with your cleaners and speak openly about your holiday hours and what services you expect during that time, it will benefit both parties. This with ensure that you’ll be coming into the clean office that you expect.

Take a Good Look inside Your Fridge

What’s in your office fridge? Is it just everyone’s lunch for the day or does there tend to be food left in there? If there’s food left in the fridge often, take a look for anything perishable. If your office is going to be closed for 2 weeks, are you going to want to leave a tuna sandwich, cut cucumbers or half an avocado in there? Probably not.

Make sure this is something that you and your staff are looking after, or if your cleaners are responsible for your fridges, make sure they know to clean it out when appropriate. Your employee fridge is one of the most important things to keep clean as that directly affects the health of your staff. Take it upon yourself to make sure your perishables are out of the fridge, that way everyone can do their part before they leave on holidays.

Don’t Let Your Garbage Sit

Another piece of your office that can be easily overlooked are the garbage bins. If your office is open during the holiday season, your garbage should continue to be taken out at normal intervals. Again, this is something you should be speaking to your commercial cleaning company about. But, if your office is closed for any length of time, it’s something to be conscious of before everyone leaves.

To make sure this is being taken care of, you’ll want to make sure your cleaners are coming in shortly after you’ve shut down for the season. Again, communication is key. You don’t want the garbage from the office the sit the entire time everyone is on holidays. You will come back to a nasty surprise!

Although the holidays are hectic, make sure you’re taking care of your health by taking care of the cleaning services your office will need during the holidays. A short conversation, phone call or email can coordinate your cleaning for the holidays and make sure your office is kept up to a standard you expect. Whether you’re open 365 days a year or shut down during the holidays, communication is key between you and your commercial cleaner.

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