Spring Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Stop the Spread of Illness

Spring Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Stop the Spread of Illness
When it comes to health risks your workplace bathroom is the breeding ground for all types of microorganisms. Here are a few spring bathroom cleaning tips to stop the spread of illness in your facility or office:

Shower – The shower is an often overlooked space when it comes to cleaning, especially the shower head. It can accommodate Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen associated with pulmonary disease. When you turn on a unclean shower head, you basically bring millions of germs right into your lungs. You can easily clean every surface in your shower using white vinegar, which you can combine with baking soda. Regular cleaning is best as it doesn’t give a chance for dirt to buildup. You can clean your bathtub in the same way.

Grout – Grout sits lower than the tile and that makes it more difficult to clean. It is also very porous, which makes it the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It is also the perfect place for allergens and irritants to accumulate. So make sure you clean grout lines thoroughly every spring in order to avoid contamination with all of those microorganisms. It is recommended to use green cleaners for your grout lines and also a penetrating sealant to seal off and protect your grout every six months. Sealing also prevents grime and moisture from infiltrating.

Tiles – Soaps, skin cells, and dirt slough off and leave behind a microscopic film, which exposes you and your employees to health risks. It is essential that you clean all tile surfaces with care and using eco-friendly agents that do not cause further complications. Some experts even recommend the use of a special wax applied on all tile surfaces once a year to prevent water marks.

Toilet – With bacteria thriving in the bowl even after flushing, cleaning the toilet is an essential part of maintaining your bathroom’s health. It is very easy for bacteria to fly into the air and land on the seat and other surfaces at any time. So the only way you can prevent this is regular cleaning. One of the most popular bathroom cleaning tips includes the implementation of best practices, such as always closing the lid when you flush.

Sink – Although you may not believe it, the sink’s drain accounts for the highest bacteria count in the bathroom. Faucets are also filled with lots of bacteria. Just consider that you touch them before washing your hands and also after using the toilet. So you need to be thorough when it comes to cleaning any bathroom sink. Using disposable disinfectant wipes helps prevent the spread of illness throughout your workplace. Use white vinegar, baking soda and hot water and pour it down the drain to give it a good clean.


The best way to keep your workplace bathroom clean is to perform regular, thorough cleanings. JAN-PRO can help you make sure your bathroom gets clean this spring and stays clean with our professional cleaning services. Contact your local JAN-PRO representative today to learn more about the customizable cleaning packages we offer.

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