What Kind of Reporting Should I Expect From My Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial Cleaning ServiceChoosing the right commercial cleaning service is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into consideration, including the technology the company uses, the skills and expertise of its employees, the type and variety of services it provides, as well as their price policy. However, one of the most important aspects of a commercial cleaning service is how the company reports on their work and ultimately adjusts their cleaning services as necessary. Often overlooked, reporting is an essential service that your commercial cleaning service should offer you.

So what kind of reporting should you expect from your commercial cleaning service? First of all, you should expect a well established reporting system that includes a first impressions survey and a physical inspection of your property to measure long lasting impressions after an agreed initial period. Although you may not see the immediate importance of reporting when it comes to commercial cleaning services, this type of practice allows for adjustments to our services to consistently achieve client satisfaction.

Although many companies promise to check their work routinely and benchmark the results, the truth is that very few actually achieve this practice with sufficient depth of measurement or regularity. You need to work with a company that has an effective reporting system in place that allows them to perform inspections regularly, checking every aspect of your cleaning requirements. The purpose of regular inspections is to determine what and where they should be focusing their attention and expertise in order to always exceed your expectations and attend to all cleaning needs.

A commercial cleaning service should perform thorough inspections of your property using a process with a 50-point checklist so that nothing is left to chance. The physical inspection measures lasting impressions and the effectiveness of your commercial cleaning service. In addition, it identifies trouble areas and other issues, which can be tended to in an effective manner so that you are always happy with the services your cleaning team provides. Most importantly, your property will be receiving the care and attention necessary for a complete maintenance program.

When you choose to work with a new commercial cleaning service, you choose to build a long lasting relationship with your supplier, a relationship based on trust and integrity. As a result, you should expect comprehensive reporting that always seeks to meet all of your cleaning requirements. Your cleaning requirements will change over time and so should your cleaning program. Reporting from your commercial cleaning service must keep up with the progress of these changes, which offers you a clear and realistic image of your cleaning needs. Plus, you can identify potential issues before they become serious, which allows for effective property maintenance. Reporting also allows cleaning professionals like JAN-PRO to deliver the best solutions for your changing needs.

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