What Type of Equipment Do Commercial Janitorial Services Use?

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Commercial janitorial services get the job done when they are cleaning your office space because they have the right tools to do the job. However, it is always a question of what kind of tools they have and what makes their equipment different from the equipment an average person uses in their house. It is important to understand the difference because once you do, so you can see the value in working with a commercial janitorial service. Here is some insight into the kind of equipment that these companies use on the job:

1.       Carpet Cleaners

Commercial janitorial services come equipped with carpet cleaning equipment that will leave your carpets looking brand new. These pieces of equipment have more powerful vacuum than your home vacuum and they can adjust to the perfect heat for the best cleaning possible. By having a carpet cleaner that is more powerful, your office carpets can be cleaned quickly and more thoroughly. 

2.       Advanced Disinfection Technologies

The great part about using a commercial janitorial service is that they solely focus in on cleaning supplies and technologies. It is their main area of expertise so they work hard to develop innovative and powerful disinfecting solutions. These solutions cannot always be found in retail stores so you will only get theses exclusive technologies through commercial janitorial services like Jan-Pro.

3.       Tile and Grout Cleaners 

As much fun as it is getting on your hands and knees to scrub every crack in the tile floor, commercial janitorial services have a much better solution. They use unique specialized commercial grade grout cleaning systems to effectively remove the grout and dirt on ceramic tile floors. They act like a vacuum and have varied pressured levels as well as high temperatures to fight the most difficult messes in your office kitchens and bathrooms.

4.       Hard Floors

A broom can scratch the surface of a floor, which is why commercial janitorial services use different types of equipment based on the flooring type to appropriately clean the surface. This can be anything from a microfiber flat mop to string mops to high speed burnishing equipment. Office flooring is not the same as your kitchen floor at home. Did you know that some household floor cleaners will destroy floor surfaces in an office environment?

Commercial janitorial services have the powerful machinery that most people would never buy for their own home or office. The machinery is typically expensive and requires maintenance to ensure it stays in top condition. This is why it you should hire the experts with the right tools to do a thorough job of cleaning your office. Contact JAN-PRO today, and we’ll be the last cleaner you’ll ever hire!

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