Why JAN-PRO Uses Color-Coded Cloths to Avoid Cross Contamination?

color coded clothsCross contamination represents the physical transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, place, or object to another. It is a process that can easily occur during cleaning, as bacteria and dirt from one place or subject gets moved to the next place or object through the cloths used by your office cleaners. JAN-PRO is a certified cleaning service provider that focuses on delivering advanced cleaning systems that prevent cross contamination in all respects.

JAN-PRO employs color-coded microfiber cloths that are designed in such a way that dirt is trapped on the cloths and it is held there in a positively charged state. Effectively, microorganisms and dirt can no longer be transferred or moved from the cleaners’ cloths onto other surfaces and objects they clean. It is a huge advancement in the cleaning industry as it basically puts an end to moving germs from one place to another instead of eradicating them. It is the end of ineffective cleaning.

Cleaners cannot avoid having their cloths contaminated with a variety of irritants, allergens, and bacteria that they come in contact with while cleaning. Since this particular transfer cannot be controlled, JAN-PRO has chosen to use cloths that don’t allow dirt to be released in the air or onto other surfaces. Dirt and other harmful substances are further removed by JAN-PRO experts in a safe environment, which ultimately reduces the risk of cross contamination. Your cleaners use only certain colored cloths in the bathroom, kitchen, and other surfaces to avoid any possible transfer of harmful bacteria. 

JAN-PRO is committed to providing customers with the best possible solutions in commercial cleaning. We emphasize the use of stable cleaning crews who become familiar with your property and know which areas require their attention more and what aspects of the cleaning service matters the most to you. JAN-PRO delivers thorough and reliable cleaning every time using the latest and most effective cleaning technology, such as the color-coded cloths to avoid cross contamination or the EnviroShield sprayer delivery system.

JAN-PRO also provides frequent cleaning performance evaluations and reporting as well as thorough cleaning for a healthier work environment. Our dedication to offering only the best technology, equipment, and products in the cleaning arena is reflected by our environmentally friendly solutions that do more than just protect the client; they protect the environment, as well as your property. JAN-PRO uses cleaning products that do not erode or damage surfaces but offer your furniture a longer and healthier life with a clean shine.

The color-coded cloths to avoid cross contamination are yet another benefit of working with JAN-PRO. It is also new proof of our unwavering commitment to developing cleaning systems that are safe in every respect, from the professionals that perform the cleaning, to the cloths they are using, the products they are spraying, or the equipment they are using. We are experts in what we do and it is essential that you are completely satisfied when we are handling your commercial cleaning needs. You should never be worried that we are moving the germs from your bathroom into your kitchen or working space. We are taking all the necessary precautions to provide efficient cleaning services with no risks of cross contamination.

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