Why Should I Choose an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service Company?

Choosing a cleaning service company for your office can be a tedious task, especially with the plethora of options currently on the market in Canada.


There are, however, great benefits to choosing the right cleaning service company. And not only does JAN-PRO retain more than 90% of our customers because of our impeccable service and value, it’s also because we use fewer chemicals to clean our clients’ workplaces.


Environmentally friendly cleaning is extremely important, especially in a place of work. Whether you have a large or small office, limiting the number of chemicals used to clean carpets and other office products limits the number of chemicals to which your workers are exposed on a daily basis.

Inhaling harsh chemicals over a period of time can cause irritations, dizziness, allergies, severe headaches and other, more severe health issues. By decreasing the amount of chemicals on surfaces and in the air at your workplace, you can eliminate the effects of chemical sensitivity on employees. By keeping your staff happy and healthy, your business can increase productivity and overall success. It will also ensure that the workplace is a safe place for your employees to work and will not, in any way, be harmful to their health.


By employing JAN-PRO as your cleaning service company, you’ll also be able to market your business as a socially conscious one. A business that not only cares about its employees but also the environment, especially when environmental issues have been pushed to the forefront of everyone’s social conscious, is a great advantage. JAN-PRO cares about the environment, and by offering green cleaning services, our cleaning service company is helping to ensure workplaces are safe and sustainable.


By opting for environmentally friendly cleaning, your office furniture and carpets will also last longer. Green cleaning products are less harsh than their chemical-filled counterparts. They will not erode or damage surfaces, therefore prolonging the life of your furniture and saving you money in the long run.


Fewer chemicals also decrease the likelihood of fires in the office, since many chemicals in conventional cleaning products are flammable. A lower concentration of these chemicals in green cleaning products decreases the chance of injuries in the workplace. This, again, helps to create a safe working environment for all staff.


And while JAN-PRO’s products have fewer chemicals to being with, you can opt for our certified green cleaning service that will ensure the utmost care and attention is given to make your workplace shine without the use of harsh additives.

So when choosing a cleaning service company, go for the service that will leave your workplace safe, sustainable, and most importantly, spotless.


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