Why Total Building Maintenance Includes Professional Cleaning Services

professional-cleaning-servicesAs a property manager, you’re responsible for several facets of the building facilities. While taking care of the lawn and other external facilities are commonly at the top of your list, you must also manage the internal building maintenance. Making sure your facility is clean accounts for much more than an aesthetic appeal.

For example, if you fail to keep salt, debris, and dirt off of your carpet, these pollutants will eventually begin to degrade the fibers of your carpet. As a result, you will be forced to replace the building’s carpet much sooner. The following information highlights a few tips and reasons to choose a professional cleaning company for your building maintenance. 

Go With the Professionals

Instead of having to manage a cleaning staff yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaning company for your building maintenance. When you use commercial cleaning companies, cleanliness is their primary concern. With this in mind, commercial cleaning companies measure their effectiveness on internal measures and quality assurance. As a result, you’re not responsible for managing the cleaning staff, which also frees you from the liability and several other concerns of dealing with additional staff.

Cut Costs

As the facilities manager, you can cut the costs associated with internal building maintenance by using a professional cleaning company. On one hand, you can save money by effectively managing the number of times the company cleans the building and the type of cleaning. When certain offices or areas need more cleaning, you can always make changes to the cleaning schedule to achieve this goal. Instead of having to hire additional staff or waste time and money, you can simply make a phone call and take control of the building maintenance. In addition, you’ll save money from avoiding training, equipment, uniforms, inventory, and several other expenses.

Eco Friendly

When you hire professional cleaning companies such as JAN-PRO, you will also make a clear commitment to saving the environment. JAN-PRO has been consistently recognized for making efforts and effectively attaining green processes, which have a lesser impact on the environment. For example, all of the chemicals used by JAN-PRO cover a greater area, which require less chemicals in a cleaner and greener effort. In addition, you’ll enjoy better air quality because of the backpack vacuums equipped with four different filtration levels. Each of these ratings exceed the Hepa standards for cleaning air.

Peace of Mind

When you choose a company to manage your building maintenance, you should always look for a firm that is bonded with liability insurance. Since your will be providing the company unsupervised access to your office, you should definitely use a company you can trust. JAN-PRO completely understands your concerns and adds a peace of mind with the following assurances:

  • Every JAN-PRO franchise carries an industry-leading $5 million dollar commercial liability insurance.
  • Each JAN-PRO franchise carries a $50,000 security bond.
  • JAN-PRO ensures all of the workers have passed a rigorous screening and a comprehensive background check.
  • Each employee is uniformed and has a picture ID.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While most professional cleaning companies offer promises, JAN-PRO offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee of all of the services it provides. In addition, you’ll deal directly with an owner-operator to design a cleaning schedule specific to your business needs. In the event you have a special cleaning circumstance or need to make a special arrangement, simply call your owner-operator. As a result of this relationship, effectively managing your building maintenance is greatly simplified and done in a more cost effective and timely manner.

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