Owner/Operators Vs. Sub-Contractors: Which Is the Best Choice for My Cleaning Company?

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Toronto Cleaning ServicesAs a business owner, you understand better than anyone the importance of quality office cleaning services. Selecting the right cleaning company to work with is not always an easy task. Your decision often comes down to choosing between owner-operated firms and sub-contractors. As a business you need not only efficient and thorough cleaning, but also reliable and customer-oriented service. So, what is the best choice for your cleaning company?

Owner-operated cleaning companies are the best choice in many respects and they are definitely the winner as far as customer satisfaction. The owner and operator are one and the same body, meaning that the company is driven by the owner’s desire to build and grow a sustainable business. The owner will focus not only on satisfying your most challenging requirements, but also on meeting your highest expectations. As their company is also their source of income, the dedication is far greater in the case of owner-operated companies than it is with subcontractors.

An owner-operated cleaning company will want to serve clients with meticulous attention to details in all areas of business. They will learn about your specific cleaning needs and understand the particularities of your facilities. They will also look for ways to deliver services in such a way that your goals are met in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. More importantly, an owner-operated cleaning company will provide reliable and thorough cleaning EVERY TIME, making sure that you will always come back to them as a customer. Unlike subcontractors, their interest is to keep you as their client in the long term through consistency and quality of service.

Owner-operated office cleaners will invest time and money in efficient cleaning technology, bringing their personal knowledge, commitment, and skills into their work. Such a company will not work with a different crew every time, but will strive to maintain stable crews who know and understand your property, which ultimately contributes to extraordinary levels of quality. As their business is their job and their source of income, the owners will have a vested interest in office cleaning and will permanently seek new methods and solutions to improve their work, either through high performance training for their personnel or through greener or more advanced technology. You do the same with your clients as a business owner, right? Wouldn’t you want to see the same dedication from your cleaning company?

Another great advantage of working with an owner-operated cleaning service provider is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. As the name properly suggests, you will be provided with the highest quality cleaning service or you will not pay. It is that simple. Owner-operated cleaners permanently perfect the skills and knowledge of their employees with the best training in the field familiarizing them with the newest techniques, equipment, and materials.  They also work with measurable cleaning processes and state of the art equipment so that you receive the quality that you deserve. These are the main reasons why an owner-operated cleaner is the best choice for your cleaning company.

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