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Why Are Cleaners Important?

These days, companies are continuously looking for new and different ways to reduce costs. We know of some that have gone as far as to cancel their regular cleaning services, deciding instead to impart the task to its employees.

Although such a decision may be understandable in the current economic environment, let’s take a closer look at the importance of professional cleaning services to better understand their value.

Health And Safety

A top priority for any business is the well-being of its employees and customers. A properly maintained business environment is a key part of ensuring the health and safety of those who occupy it. If surfaces aren’t dusted, and carpets aren’t vacuumed on a regular basis, it will result in a higher likelihood of allergies and illnesses.

Cleanliness is also of vital importance in areas where food is prepared and consumed. Without proper cleaning, these areas are prone to dangerous bacterial growth.

Cluttered or untidy workplaces can also represent a safety concern as there’s a higher risk of accidents and they can be a fire hazard.

Employee Morale And Reputation

It’s easy to understand how a poorly maintained space can lead to decreased morale. Employees always prefer to work in a clean workplace. If management doesn’t make an effort to provide a clean and comfortable workspace, employees are likely to feel less valued by their employer. Similarly, clients and outside visitors coming to the environment are susceptible of having a less favourable impression of the business if it appears to be dirty or poorly maintained.

Hiring An Outside Company Vs. Engaging Employees To Keep Your Office Clean

Some companies choose to maintain a clean work environment by assigning cleaning tasks that are to be completed during the workday to each employee. While this may be a viable solution for some, there are some definite disadvantages to be found in this solution.

Cleaning standards:

A professional commercial cleaning company will probably have higher cleaning standards than your staff members who are more likely to do a rushed job. That means an office that never gets fully cleaned.

Not the best use of employee time:

Chances are, your employees have been hired to complete specific tasks and are expected to achieve certain goals. Having to complete cleaning tasks will get in the way of reaching those goals and will cause interruptions in their workflow.

With an expert and professional commercial office cleaning company, you can cost-effectively ensure workplace hygiene and keep a clean office, without placing an additional burden on your employees. Get your free quote now by visiting