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JAN-PRO and the Breakfast Club of Canada nurture young minds

Fostering the potential of tomorrow

Since 2016, JAN-PRO has proudly partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada, an initiative that extends beyond providing nutritious meals—it’s about creating environments that foster the potential in every child. Our alliance aims to ensure that no Canadian or newcomer child starts a day of learning on an empty stomach.

JAN-PRO’s collaboration with the Breakfast Club of Canada is more than a charitable endeavor; it’s a cornerstone of our commitment to community well-being. By integrating social responsibility into our business model, we’re not only cleaning spaces but also helping to clear the way for young minds to thrive.

Deeply rooted family values

JAN-PRO’s selection of the Breakfast Club of Canada as a partner reflects the deeply held values of our team and Certified Business Owners, many of whom are proud parents and active members of their local communities.

Understanding firsthand the importance of family and the foundational role of nutrition in a child’s ability to learn and grow, every one of us feels a strong connection to the mission of the Breakfast Club.

How we help

JAN-PRO donates a certain amount of money for every request for proposal received online, as well as every time a new cleaning contract is signed in Canada. Thanks to all of our customers nationwide for trusting us—and allowing us to better the learning and lives of children across the nation. What’s more: every year, we donate the money we would have spent on printed greeting cards for the Holidays to the Breakfast Club of Canada.

By partnering with us, our customers are receiving exemplary cleaning services—all while becoming part of a larger movement that champions the welfare of every community across Canada.

What is the Breakfast Club of Canada?

The Breakfast Club of Canada is an organization committed to nourishing the country’s future: our children. Every day, they serve over 250,000 nutritious breakfasts in more than 1,800 schools throughout Canada. But their mission transcends mere numbers.

This remarkable organization believes that a well-fed child is better equipped to learn, grow, and meet their fullest potential. It’s not just about the meals, but the sense of security and equality they create in the school environment. A child who’s not distracted by hunger can concentrate on tasks, participate actively, and engage meaningfully with their peers and teachers.

Invest in the future with us

We invite you to join JAN-PRO Canada and the Breakfast Club of Canada. By supporting this cause, you’re not just contributing to a child’s meal, you’re supporting their academic success, boosting their confidence, and investing in a stronger, more prosperous future for all of Canada. You can make your donation here.

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