What Do You Need To Start A Commercial Cleaning Business?

If you’ve been dreaming about becoming your own boss and starting your own business, owning a cleaning company might be just the thing for you. With comparatively low start-up costs and no special skills required, it’s a business endeavour that can get up and running fast so that you can reach your goal of financial independence sooner.

If you’re unsure about how to start a cleaning company, you may be asking yourself, “what are the things that I’ll need to get going?”

Business License, Insurance, And Bond

You’ll need to look into what kinds of licenses and permits are required by your local and provincial governments to operate a commercial cleaning company. Then, you’ll need to purchase adequate liability insurance to protect yourself in case an accident occurs while you’re on a client’s premises.

Your clients will want assurances that they aren’t opening themselves up to the possibility of theft by engaging your company. For that reason, you will need to carry a bond.


You’re going to need to hire some employees to assist you with the cleaning duties. Without adequate staffing, and the ability to hire new employees as needed, your business will scarcely have the ability to grow or maintain a decent standard of service. The employees you bring on must be trustworthy, conscientious, and hard working. It will be necessary to provide them with training and guidelines so that they can deliver on the kind of service that your company has promised.

Supplies – The Basics

In order to do a good job cleaning a work environment, your employees will need the right tools and products. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the items you may need to acquire.

  •   Cloths and rags (consider microfiber)
  •   Mops and buckets
  •   Brooms and dustpans
  •   Toilet brushes
  •   Gloves
  •   Dusters
  •   Spray bottles
  •   Garbage bags and trash liners
  •   Window cleaners
  •   Disinfectants
  •   Bathroom cleaners

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means. However, the more experience you gain in commercial office cleaning, the better you’ll understand which products and items are needed and in what quantities.

Although you might start by buying your cleaning products at your local hardware or grocery store, you’ll soon find that you consume sufficient amounts of these items to make bulk purchasing more cost-effective and convenient. Furthermore, if you wish to offer cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment, you will need to source a supplier that specializes in such products.

Cleaning Equipment

Beyond the items and products used for light cleaning and dusting, you’re going to need some heavier machinery, such as vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor polishers, and carts to carry all of your cleaning supplies. Since you’ll be using these appliances far more than a standard homeowner would, it’s advisable to purchase industrial grade equipment.

A note on choosing the right vacuum cleaner: to reduce airborne particles and allergens, you should look for a vacuum cleaner with a high HEPA rating.

Clearly, there will be a great many things to get organized when setting up your own cleaning company. If an even simpler process is attractive to you, you can consider acquiring a commercial cleaning company franchise. With this business model, many of the start-up steps will be eliminated, and you’ll get the support and help you need to acquire the right products and equipment. Become a franchisee today! Go to https://jan-pro.ca/why-choose-a-jan-pro-franchise/ for more information.

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