Why A Cleaning Franchise Thrives During A Recession

Unfortunately, recessions happen. Fortunately, though, some businesses are less susceptible to the worst of economic downturns based on the type of services they provide. When deciding on whether to open a cleaning franchise, you may be considering how the business will operate in different states of the economy, especially now. After over 25 years in the cleaning services industry, here are our insights on why a cleaning franchise thrives during a recession.

Why Cleaning Service Businesses Are Recession-Proof


For many individuals, the memory of an economic downturn is not a positive one – in fact, these memories typically strike fear for the future when there will be lulls in the economy. When deciding to choose a stream of income and employment, many individuals consider the vulnerability of the industry to tough times. Luckily, a cleaning service business can offer more stability than many other industries. Here’s why.


Business Cleanliness Requirements

Regardless of the economy, many commercial and public spaces are required to maintain a level of cleanliness that is often unattainable for current staff to uphold. In fact, these businesses can’t operate without maintaining a high level of cleanliness and risk regulatory repercussions or public scrutiny if this cleanliness isn’t maintained.


As a result of these expectations, many of the organizations listed below are required to hire professional cleaners on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.


Some organizations that will require cleaning services no matter the state of the economy include:


  • Hospitals, dental and medical facilities
  • Shopping centres and stores
  • Senior care centres
  • Spa and beauty salons
  • Recreational facilities and public spaces
  • Restaurants and hospitality


Customer Expectations

During economic downturns, a business considers every aspect of their customer experience in order to maximize what customers they do have. Part of establishing a positive customer experience that encourages brand loyalty is creating a comfortable shopping environment – the basis of which is cleanliness. On top of an inviting environment, you want your customers and employees alike to know that they are walking into a safe and healthy environment. Cleaning and disinfection services can provide that peace of mind.


Agile Aspects of Service

With cleaning services, expertise, labour, equipment and cleaning products all come together to deliver the service that your customer has come to expect. In hard times, customers may not be as willing to extend a contract with prices as they stand but, because there are so many factors that can be customized, a cleaning company can adjust the number of services in a cleaning plan, the quality and price of cleaning products or even the equipment used. This allows a cleaning business to keep customers while still adapting to the tighter budgets that are common during a recession.


Ability to Specialize

Many businesses strive to offer a service that a customer can’t turn down, even when presented with a variety of competitors. With a commercial cleaning franchise, you have the ability to offer a general set of skills and, if you choose, specialize in cleaning services that are hard to come across in your area, such as floor work or 360-degree disinfection services. By doing this, especially as you approach a time of economic downturn, you add extra stability to your list of customers since they can’t get services like yours elsewhere for cheaper. 


A Large Customer Base

Since so many businesses require that the commercial space is kept to a certain level of cleanliness, cleaning services are able to cater to a wide variety of customers from various industries. Because of this, commercial cleaning business owners have the option to market towards and work with customers that are generally recession-proof themselves. Two different (and opposing) schools of thought say that you can niche into one specific industry or keep it varied to ensure diversity. Both of these options are possible with a commercial cleaning franchise.


By choosing clients that are generally recession-proof, a cleaning business is able to thrive in a period of recession regardless of how many other businesses are faring.


Employee Morale

During tough times, businesses typically have to focus on maintaining employee morale, especially when the organization is forced to rely on a lean team to operate as normal. Employee morale benefits from commercial cleaning by creating a comfortable and safe work environment and ensuring that commercial cleaning needs aren’t added to their already full plate.

Choosing Reliability with a Commercial Cleaning Franchise


A recession undoubtedly affects every business out there, but many businesses prove to be more adaptable and resilient to tough financial times. For the reasons listed above, a commercial cleaning franchise offers a level of stability through the boom and the bust, thereby giving small business owners better peace of mind when taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.


As a potential commercial cleaning business owner, you have so many opportunities ahead of you if you choose to view it as such. Start a business that thrives during both the good and bad economic times. Learn more about how a JAN-PRO franchise could be your ticket to financial freedom, here

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