Green Cleaning Service Providers

At JAN-PRO we want to make sure that your facility has the best clean possible, but not at the expense of the environment. This is why we’ve taken certain measures to make sure that we offer environmentally responsible services to all of our clients. We achieve these green levels of clean through the use of:

  • HEPA filter backpack vacuums
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Safe, hospital grade chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly paper products

JAN-PRO’s Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Services

Our vacuums are not your normal vacuums. Not only do they provide optimal cleaning for your business facility, but our HEPA filter backpack vacuums also exceed the basic standards. This means that we have advanced filtration systems and ratings that ensure what is being put back into the air, is only clean.

The microfiber cloths provide a simple system to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination in a property. These cloths not only decrease the spread of bacteria and germs, but they also help the environment. Because of the positively charged state of microfiber cloths we are able to use less chemical. Not only do they cloths trap the dirt and provide a better clean, but they also contribute to conscious cleaning measures as there is no waste involved. The cloths are washed, reused within the same property, and ultimately reduce what ends up in landfills.

With those cloths we make sure to only use chemicals that are safe. They do not put off any bad chemical smells, like bleach, and are safe for those around it and the users. Although these chemicals are an environmentally responsible product it does not mean that it sacrifices cleaning power. All of our commercial cleaning chemicals ensure your facility is cleaned thoroughly and in an environmentally responsible way.

Another measure JAN-PRO can take as your commercial cleaning company is to offer you environmentally friendly janitorial options when it comes to your paper product needs. Through our preferred suppliers, we can offer our clients the chance to review their green options when it comes to hand towels, toilet paper, and facial tissues with a higher percentage of recycled content.

If you’re ready to have your office cleaned by a green cleaning provider, call your local JAN-PRO today.


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