Our High Standard Of Clean

JAN-PRO wants to provide all customers with the clean they expect.

Maybe you’re tired of your current cleaners, tired of dealing with the headaches and want a service that you can trust and depend on. JAN-PRO makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your cleaning services provider – you simply come in to your clean working environment every day! We ensure a high standard of clean through our techniques and processes. This includes:

  • Use of colour coded micro-fibre cloths to avoid cross-contamination

  • HEPA filter back pack vacuums

  •  Green cleaning processes for a healthier environment

  • Advanced disinfection technology with Enviroshield

  • And our full set of chemicals and tools that give your facility a better clean!

The clean of your facility is dependent on our attention to detail. That’s why your cleaning schedule is made specifically for you. All of our customers receive a custom cleaning schedule that we create with you, based on your needs and your budget.


A Higher Standard of Services Ensures a Cleaner Facility

Although your cleaning schedule is custom to your needs, there are some things that JAN-PRO considers standard for all customers. This ensures you get the clean you deserve.

Glass Surfaces:

Glass surfaces like entrance doors and mirrors are cleaned so they’re free of obvious fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and streaks.

Walls/Doors/Switch Plates:

Walls, doors, and switch plates are cleaned to remove obvious fingerprints, stains, deposits, dust, and film.

Dusting and Detailing of Furniture and Equipment:

All telephones are sanitized. All office furniture, thermostats, fire extinguishers, pictures are cleaned so they are free of dust and debris, fingerprints, smudges, coffee/drink stains, and are wiped streak-free.

High/Low and Ancillary Dusting:

We make sure every single spot that could have dust, won’t! Corners, ceilings, floors, baseboards, high ledges, blinds, windowsills, upholstered furniture, interior plants and planters are all free of dust and debris.

Washroom Countertops/Dispensers Cleaned and Sanitized:

All sinks, countertops, commodes, urinals and dispensers in your washroom will be free of stains, deposits, hair, debris, and odors.

Coffee Pots & Small Kitchen Appliances Cleaned and Sanitized:

Coffeepots, microwaves, fridges and other small appliances will all be thoroughly cleaned so they are free of food stains and debris.

Waste Management:

We make sure all your trash receptacles are free of waste and debris and are always replaced.

Ensuring Your Facility is Clean

JAN-PRO knows that you can hire anyone to clean your facility. There’s no industry standard, licenses or certification processes that can put one company above another. Because of that, JAN-PRO has created its own standards of clean. This standard of clean is first achieved by training all of our franchise owner-operators. These owner-operators do not start cleaning facilities until they have passed our program and received their JAN-PRO certification. In this training, your technicians learn all of the techniques and process that ensure your facility not only looks clean, but is clean to the highest standards!

If you’re ready to receive a higher standard of clean and a healthier work environment, call your local JAN-PRO today!