School & Montessori Cleaning Services

Every day, educational facilities can see thousands of staff and students moving throughout their halls and classrooms, making them breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. If your facility is not properly cleaned and maintained, children, visitors and teachers can become ill and germs can spread quickly throughout classes.

Professional school janitorial services are the solution to ensure your educational facility maintains a high level of cleanliness and minimizes the impact of harmful bacteria and viruses. Not only will school cleaning services prevent the spread of illness – they will also help you create a great first impression on prospective students and their parents. The cleanliness of your facility can be the first impression that makes or breaks your potential customers’ decision to bring their child to your school, daycare or Montessori establishment.

Daycare Cleaning Services

When it comes to child care cleaning services, it’s the best idea to trust one of Canada’s leading cleaning companies. JAN-PRO is proud to offer exceptional cleaning services to daycares across the country, creating healthy, germ-free spaces for young minds to grow. Daycares and Montessori facilities are required to meet strict standards of cleanliness, and our team can deliver thorough, effective cleaning using hospital-grade products and techniques to ensure you meet all requirements. Our daycare cleaning services are always conducted by fully-trained franchise owners who understand how to target germ hot spots in the child care environment, including desktops, tables, toy and play areas door handles and floors to prevent the spread of illness.

University Cleaning Services

Keeping your campus clean is easy when you choose professional university cleaning services from JAN-PRO. We’ll work with school administrators to develop the ideal cleaning schedule that ensures all common areas, lecture halls, study spaces, cafeterias and recreational areas are well-maintained. We do the job right the first time, using our proprietary cleaning processes and tracking procedures so we can accurately monitor our performance and make adjustments as necessary. The result is an outstanding level of clean for your university or college!

The professionals at JAN-PRO can handle any cleaning challenge! Contact our team today to discover how our school janitorial services can help you maintain a cleaner, healthier educational facility and keep students and staff in the classroom.


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