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Regular Cleanings are Essential for Complete Property Maintenance

A very important part of property maintenance is regular cleaning. Do you have the knowledge or the time to clean your property thoroughly and like the results? The fact is that cleaning is not at all the simple task that many people would expect. That is the reason why so many businesses and homeowners resort… Read More

How to Choose Office Janitorial Services in Mississauga

It is essential for your business to keep a clean and healthy office environment, and this is a task that entails a lot of responsibilities. As a result, many companies prefer to hire professional janitorial services in Mississauga to hiring a full time janitor. A professional cleaning service will clean all areas of your office… Read More

Why JAN-PRO Uses Only Earth Friendly Products

 JAN-PRO is a well-established provider of office cleaning services with an extraordinary commitment to superior results in their work. An owner-operated business, JAN-PRO is not only fully devoted to customer satisfaction, but also extensively dedicated to environmental protection and preservation. In fact, JAN-PRO uses exclusively earth-friendly products to deliver safe and quality professional cleaning solutions… Read More

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Get Your Carpets Looking New

The average person’s approach to carpet cleaning can be described in one sentence: “Grab the vacuum.” At first glance, a vacuum cleaner can definitely make your office carpet look clean, however, a closer look reveals otherwise. Just a few millimeters below the surface lurks not only dust and dirt – but also a host of… Read More

Should I Replace My Office Carpet, or Can it Be Cleaned?

Carpet is an essential part of a modern office. Besides being an alternative to tile or concrete flooring, it can add elegance and warmth to your office, but like everything, carpets age with constant use. They lose their color and luster, and look faded and old. When a carpet looks prematurely old, the problem often… Read More

4 Tips to Get Rid of Oily Stains on Carpet

When you get an oil stain on your carpet, your first thought is often to simply push a big piece of furniture over the stain to hide it. This may be a great short term solution, but it does not fix the long-term problem. There is no need to avoid or hide these messes because… Read More