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7 of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your offices

Your office may get cleaned once or several times a week, but there are certain frequently touched surfaces in your office that may need more attention due to the bacteria left behind on those surfaces. Read on below to find out seven of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office! 1.Keyboard You use your… Read More

How Commercial Cleaners Help Stop the Spread of Viruses in Schools and Daycares

Every day, teachers, parents, and students are inside childcare and educational facilities, making it a central location for the circulation of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Thus, it is extremely beneficial to have a regular and effective commercial cleaning and disinfection regimen. Below are just some of the ways that commercial cleaners help stop the spread… Read More

5 Top Benefits of Daycare Cleaning Services

Cleaning requirements for a daycare are different than most other types of businesses. The health of your staff, parents, and children are optimized by scheduled and consistent cleaning and sanitizing. Green cleaning materials protect your business and the people in it from exposure to harmful chemicals. Specialized floor care is important, especially for children and… Read More

9 Questions to Ask Before Considering New Office Cleaners

Every office or commercial space needs to put their best foot forward. You want to impress your clients and your customers by showing them that your business runs smoothly and is a trusted partner to work with. But what kind of impression do you leave customers and clients with when you have a dirty facility?… Read More

3 Reasons JAN-PRO is one of the Top Franchises in Canada

The work environment that you provide for your employees is just as important to their productivity as the amount they earn and the incentives they receive. Job satisfaction is much easier to achieve in a clean, tidy and ordered environment where employees can always find what they need. Hiring a cleaning company is essential to… Read More

Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Investing in a franchise with JAN-PRO is a wise move for many reasons, including the high income potential, the proven model of success, and – most importantly to some – the fact that franchisees don’t have to secure their own commercial cleaning contracts. Read on to learn why you don’t have to worry about this… Read More

Keep Your Office Clean & Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is hectic. You may have family dinners to attend or prepare for, kids home from school excited for Santa Clause to arrive, gifts and a house to prepare. But that’s just in your personal life. Your work life can also get hectic during the holidays. There’s work to prepare for and finalize… Read More

3 Things You Can Do If Your Boss’s Office Isn’t Clean

The start of a new week feels like a fresh start. It’s a new week for you to prioritize your work and activities, get things done and feel accomplished. A big part to a new week is your work life. You spend approximately 8 hours a day in your office so it’s an important area… Read More

Commercial Property Management for Beginners

Many owners of commercial property simply do not have the time to manage their own rental properties. This is especially so that for those with properties located outside of the area where they live and normally do business. For these investors, a commercial property management company can help them to get the most out of… Read More