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Why JAN-PRO Uses Color-Coded Cloths to Avoid Cross Contamination?

Cross contamination represents the physical transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, place, or object to another. It is a process that can easily occur during cleaning, as bacteria and dirt from one place or subject gets moved to the next place or object through the cloths used by your office cleaners. JAN-PRO is a… Read More

Why JAN-PRO Uses Only Earth Friendly Products

 JAN-PRO is a well-established provider of office cleaning services with an extraordinary commitment to superior results in their work. An owner-operated business, JAN-PRO is not only fully devoted to customer satisfaction, but also extensively dedicated to environmental protection and preservation. In fact, JAN-PRO uses exclusively earth-friendly products to deliver safe and quality professional cleaning solutions… Read More

5 Ways a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

For most businesses, expensive marketing, innovative strategies and offering high quality products or services are great ways to be successful. But there’s a thread that ties through all the facets of your company, and that is a clean office. Cleanliness improves mood and in turn, encourages your employees to work hard. Here are some of… Read More

What Kind of Bacteria Can Be Found in Your Workplace?

Bacteria are everywhere. Neither plant, nor animal, bacteria are categorized separately. It’s been estimated that the planet contains 5 nonillion of them. Simply put – they’re unavoidable. Most bacteria are not harmful to humans, yet a significant percentage is, and these are the ones that get us sick. Your workplace may have more bacteria than… Read More

How Do I Get My VCT Floor to Have a “Wet” Look?

Vinyl composite tiles (VCT) are flexible floor coverings that are commonly found in commercial office or retail environments. Made of colored vinyl chips arranged in sheets of 12″ square and 1/8″ thickness, these tiles are glued to the surface of the floor with adhesive. Special floor finish is then applied on the surface of the… Read More

Calgary Owners Win Top Award

JAN-PRO, internationally ranked leader in the commercial cleaning industry, is pleased to announce that Nida and Nixon Ranjo of the company’s Calgary office, have been selected as recipients of the 2013 Unit Franchisee of the Year award, from over 10,000 franchisees around the world.  This award is given annually to an exceptional franchise owner in… Read More

All About JAN-PRO’s Commercial Cleaning Services Guarantee

get our no-nonsense JAN-PRO Guarantee. Because all of our franchise owners are effectively trained and use only the best equipment and most innovative cleaning methods, our guarantee is ironclad. It’s what has propelled us to win the fastest growing franchise award 3 years in a row, and what keeps our customers coming back at a… Read More