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Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Investing in a franchise with JAN-PRO is a wise move for many reasons, including the high income potential, the proven model of success, and – most importantly to some – the fact that franchisees don’t have to secure their own commercial cleaning contracts. Read on to learn why you don’t have to worry about this… Read More

How to Choose Office Janitorial Services in Mississauga

It is essential for your business to keep a clean and healthy office environment, and this is a task that entails a lot of responsibilities. As a result, many companies prefer to hire professional janitorial services in Mississauga to hiring a full time janitor. A professional cleaning service will clean all areas of your office… Read More

Calgary Owners Win Top Award

JAN-PRO, internationally ranked leader in the commercial cleaning industry, is pleased to announce that Nida and Nixon Ranjo of the company’s Calgary office, have been selected as recipients of the 2013 Unit Franchisee of the Year award, from over 10,000 franchisees around the world.  This award is given annually to an exceptional franchise owner in… Read More