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Understanding Your Commercial Lease Agreement

Your commercial lease agreement is a legally binding document, and this goes for you and the landlord. Theoretically, this means that if you break any of the terms then your landlord may have grounds to have you evicted, although some protection is offered. Most businesses want to remain in a premises for a number of… Read More

Commercial Property Management for Beginners

Many owners of commercial property simply do not have the time to manage their own rental properties. This is especially so that for those with properties located outside of the area where they live and normally do business. For these investors, a commercial property management company can help them to get the most out of… Read More

5 Things to Do Before Renting Commercial Property to a New Tenant

Renting commercial property when the market for real estate is so competitive means that you need to gain every possible advantage over your competitor. Here are five things to do before you rent commercial property to a new tenant. 1. Improve the building’s exterior Many potential renters might not be the least bit interested in… Read More