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Spring Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Stop the Spread of Illness

When it comes to health risks your workplace bathroom is the breeding ground for all types of microorganisms. Here are a few spring bathroom cleaning tips to stop the spread of illness in your facility or office: Shower – The shower is an often overlooked space when it comes to cleaning, especially the shower head…. Read More

8 Often Missed Spots You MUST Clean in Your Office

Your office is, in a way an extension of your personality. The people who walk into your office for the first time often judge you and your company by the appearance and cleanliness of your office. A neat, clean and elegant looking office improves your credibility while a cluttered and dirty office has the opposite… Read More

Spring is the Time for Deep Cleaning and Restorative Processes

This year’s cold winter is finally coming to an end and the pleasant and warm days of spring are here again. It is the perfect time to restore and rejuvenate – your own life as well as your office. The floors, windows, carpets, ceramics, furniture, and other fixtures in your office are ripe for deep… Read More