What Is A Franchise?

A franchise is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as:

  • the right or license granted to an individual or group to market a company’s goods or services in a particular territory
  • alsoa business granted such a right or license e.g. I just opened a new fast-food franchise down the street

You as an individual can be granted a business license to run a business under a well-known brand. Several well-known businesses are franchises such as McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s, but not all franchises are created equal. Franchises are present across a variety of industries including automotive, personal care, cleaning, and much more. What makes all these franchises the same is that these businesses have created a business model that can be duplicated, successful, and offered in different locations.

Investing in a franchise means that you are investing in a brand that has had previous success, and you are looking to duplicate that success. Starting a franchise means starting your own business, you are no longer an employee. However, people are interested in franchises because you are not going into business alone. The franchisor is there to offer you support and guidance while you are building your business and as you grow in the years to come.

Become A Franchisee

What to look for in a franchise?

Keep in mind, not all franchises are created equal. Although a company may have a business model prepared, it does not mean that all are successful, or as lucrative as others. There are a couple of things you can review to ensure you are investing in a franchise that is right for you:

  • Franchise publications: there are a variety of industry publications such as com and BetheBoss.ca, which are great resources to learn more about franchise businesses as these sites review franchises and don’t get paid if you purchase a franchise. You can also narrow your search to popular industries, or top-ranked, lowest price, etc.
  • Industry associations: the franchising business model has been around for a long time and there are some national, provincial, and regional franchise associations that you can find more information, such as the Canadian Franchise association
  • Previous track record: how long has the company been in business? How quickly is this business growing? Online searches and previously mentioned franchise publications will have this information available. You can also gather this information from reviews or testimonials from previous or current franchise owners

Ultimately you want to invest in something that you are comfortable with, which includes the franchisor themselves. These people are your business partner, so you want to ensure you feel comfortable and supported by the franchisor.

What is a JAN-PRO franchise?

As mentioned, franchisors are there to offer you support and guidance while you are building your business and as you grow in the years to come. With a JAN-PRO franchise, that philosophy is the same. There are a variety of plans available which determines the initial billing size of your business, as well as the initial investment amount needed. No matter the amount you invest, you receive the same guidance and support from your local office.

Included with every franchise is the Initial Certification Program. This is an extensive training program that is focused on the JAN-PRO cleaning processes and procedures, so you can provide the level of service our customers expect, as well as business training such as how to register your business and how to have effective communication with customers. Upon successful completion of training, you are now a JAN-PRO franchisee, which we refer to as Certified Business Owners.

Along with the training you also receive a full equipment kit that provides you with all the tools you will need to get started. There is no selling necessary as a Certified Business Owner as you are investing for a certain amount of business and initial contracts are included. Are you looking to grow your business by adding your own accounts? That’s great! There are advantages to doing that and we encourage Business Owners to do so.

On top of sales support, you also receive back-office services such as billing, collections, marketing, and customer service support. You are going into business for yourself with a JAN-PRO franchise, but you are not by yourself. JAN-PRO wants you to succeed and we offer the tools for business owners to become successful.

How much is a JAN-PRO franchise?

JAN-PRO’s minimum investment varies depending on your location, but our lowest plan is roughly a $3,500-$5,000 investment. This is a smaller plan that provides $5,000 a year in business which is meant to be worked on a part-time basis to get you started in the business gradually. However, if you’re looking to work full-time, for example, there are over 20 plans available with a variety of investment and billing levels to suit your needs and goals.

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