Why Consider Franchising

Reasons to Take Advantage of Franchise Opportunities in Canada:

1. Franchising is a dynamic industry that is worth well over $2 trillion in North America.

The franchising industry today supports over 825,000 different enterprises, all of which employ more than 20 million people. Franchising is another way for people to start their own business but with more support and business knowledge than they may have if they were simply on their own.

2. Franchising also offers the benefit of an established brand name.

Starting your business with a franchise almost completely eliminates the need for you to start and create a brand from scratch. Rather than competing with companies that have been in the industry for years, and have created trust and loyalty with consumers, you are already able to come into the business with a recognized name.

3. Another advantage to franchising is that you’re buying into a proven business model.

In a franchise system, a model has been created that ensures the franchisor and the franchisees are able to achieve success. With a company like JAN-PRO Canada, we’ve had over 25 years to perfect our business model to work for our customers and clients.

4. Starting a new business can also be very expensive, very quickly.

With a franchise, your business start-up costs can be relatively controlled, depending on how much you are willing and ready to invest. One aspect that makes a business so expensive is marketing and the actual physical establishment. With JAN-PRO you do not need to put any money into marketing to grow your business. JAN-PRO Canada has also been voted a #1 low-cost franchise system and #1 home-based franchise. That means no start-up costs related to finding a physical location.

5. Training and equipment acquisition is another aspect that comes into starting a business.

When the business you start is in a franchise model, generally there will be training included. The training involved is not only to your benefit but also to the franchisor. This is another element to business that helps drives success, a strong brand, and ultimately, sales. At JAN-PRO there is an extensive training program that offers you everything you need to know about your business and the equipment you need to service your clients effectively.

6. A successful business also needs support.

Franchising offers you support services by your franchisor, as well as built-in sales, so you are not expected to find your own office cleaning contracts. Franchising could be a great solution if you are someone who’s looking to start their own business.

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