Why JAN-PRO Offers the Best in Toronto Cleaning Services

toronto-cleaning-companyWhen it comes to the best Toronto cleaning services, JAN-PRO is in a class of its own. Simply put, many cleaning businesses make a verbal promise. In contrast, JAN-PRO offers customers a guaranteed level of satisfaction on all of the services performed, which is only one of the reasons JAN-PRO is the best cleaning service in Toronto. The following information explains why JAN-PRO will be the last cleaning service you’ll ever need.

Owner-Operated Franchise

As an owner-operated franchise, each owner has individually invested a significant amount of time and money into exceeding customers’ expectations. More so, each owner-operator is fully certified and trained to provide the JAN-PRO world-renowned level of service, which includes green cleaning, disinfecting processes, superior customer service, and business management skills. 

Services You Can Trust

To consistently provide the most trustworthy Toronto cleaning services, JAN-PRO owner-operators take several steps. The following safeguards are taken to ensure you’ll receive the highest level of service from people you can truly trust.

  • Before each employee begins working with JAN-PRO, they are screened with a criminal background check to ensure the integrity of your business.
  • Each crew member is carefully screened through a strenuous selection process.
  • Every crew member wears an easily identifiable uniform with a picture ID on display.
  • As a WSIB compliant company, each owner-operator is fully bonded and insured.

The JAN-PRO Difference

Undoubtedly, when you choose JAN-PRO’s cleaning service, you will instantly notice the difference. The following list explains a few of the features and benefits that make JAN-PRO the best.

  • JAN-PRO allows you to work with your owner-operator to create your own cleaning schedule.
  • Instead of accepting the pre-packaged cleaning services presented by other providers, JAN-PRO allows you to create customized cleaning solutions based on the needs of your business.
  • You will deal directly with your JAN-PRO owner-operator to make sure your cleaning needs are met with perfection each and every time.
  • Once you try JAN-PRO’s cleaning services, you’ll never have to shop for another cleaner again.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Solutions

Instead of settling for the status quo, JAN-PRO has always been on the brink of technological cleaning solutions. As a representation of JAN-PRO’s greatest advancement, EnviroShield combines hospital grade disinfectant with an innovative electrostatic sprayer to deliver the safest disinfectant possible.

EnviroShield features a special nozzle that adds an electrostatic charge to the disinfectant solution. As a result, the solution clings to and surrounds all of the surfaces it comes in contact with. The solution then effectively kills some of the most harmful viruses and bacteria, such as Swine Flu, MRSA, Legionella, Avian Flu, Salmonella, Norovirus, Listeria, E. Coli, and several more.

Customer Feedback

With the overall goal of continuing to improve Toronto cleaning services, JAN-PRO consistently checks and benchmarks results. While several cleaning companies make this promise, we effectively measure service levels with the following processes:

First Impressions Survey

  • Once you sign with JAN-PRO, you have a first impressions survey, which aligns your expectations and your requirements. As a result, your owner-operator can more effectively understand where to focus their attention for you to reach the optimum level of satisfaction.

Operations Inspection

  • Typically after 30 days or another agreed upon date, your office will be inspected by a JAN-PRO Operations Specialist. The operations specialist conducts a property survey with a 50-point checklist to measure the lasting impression of the service performed.


  • After the survey and inspection are completed, adjustments to your service will be made on a continual basis to ensure you are receiving the highest level of service.

Call JAN-PRO today at (905) 569-1131 and find out why we’ll be The Last Cleaner You’ll Ever Hire®!

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